Print real USPS postage from your Mac for all your online orders.

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Mac OS X 10.5 or later required 

SendOff requires Endicia for Mac


Online Sellers: Streamline your shipping with SendOff!

SendOff is the Mac OS X shipping software that enables you to print shipping labels with real USPS postage from your Mac for all your online orders. Load addresses directly from your downloaded order files, set your shipping information, and print in batch.

No more cutting and pasting addresses one at a time into your postage printing software
Now you can load addresses directly into SendOff from your order files

Print USPS shipping labels for all your packages in one batch
Set the package type, mail class, and weight for all your orders, then print all the labels at once.

Print postage for all your orders from one place, regardless of the venue on which they were sold.
You'll have records of all your printed postage in one place.

Upload tracking information for your Amazon and ebay orders.
If you sell on Amazon or ebay, you can export shipping information to a file that you can upload to confirm your shipments on those venues.

Load orders from a flat file generated from ANY ecommerce platform
Amazon,, and ebay file formats are predefined in SendOff, but you can define and save your own custom formats.

Print postage for international addresses and military addresses (APO/FPO).
Fill out and print your customs forms from within SendOff, while setting the shipping information for your orders.

You can print from the Mac onto 4x6 thermal labels using a Zebra printer
No more taping paper labels to packages, or putting clear tape over your labels for protection.  SendOff uses Endicia for Mac to print labels, and the Zebra printer is supported by Endicia.

Keep track of your order information along with your shipment information.
After your orders are loaded, you can combine multiple orders into a single shipment, or if you need to split an order into separate shipments, SendOff will keep track of which items are in each shipment.

Save commonly used combinations of shipping information to a pop-up menu for later use.

SendOff is fully integrated with Endicia for Mac
When the shipment information has been set for your orders, click on print.  SendOff first shows you your Endicia postage balance (so you can buy more if you need to) and after confirmation, SendOff communicates directly with Endicia for Mac to print your labels.  There's no need to export a file and load it into Endicia for Mac yourself (though you CAN do it this way if you want to).

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